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    • At the Food Movement Co. we give at least 11% of our profits to benefit hunger relief.
    • All of your purchases help to feed the world plant-based nutrition.
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Help The Food Movement help feed hungry people

Eleven percent of all profits made by the Food Movement are donated to organizations that feed hungry people. We practice what we believe, which is that those who can afford to live healthy must support those who can't. Join us in ensuring everyone gets that most basic right: food.

About The Food Movement

The Food Movement is a leading maker and distributor of raw, organic foods to people seeking healthy nourishment. The Food Movement gets you the best that nature has to offer, from the historically powerful Red and Black Maca Roots originating in the Andes Mountains to the latest line of supplements based on the groundbreaking work of macrobiotic legend Michio Kushi. Eleven percent of all profits made are donated to organizations providing food to hungry people.