Vitamin D is a nutrient which is vital for human health in relation to immune function, bone density, hormone metabolism, and other critical areas.  It is unique in that (in theory) it can be synthesized in the body from cholesterol, when there is sufficient exposure to sunlight.  A credible body of research suggests widespread deficiency amongst human populations, and a possible correlation with improvement in overall health with supplementation.

When it comes to dietary supplements, there are two forms of Vitamin D available; D-2 (ergocalciferol) and D-3 (cholecalciferol). A growing body of credible scientific research has demonstrated that vitamin D-3 is the superior form of this essential nutrient.

However, until very recently, D-2 (the more poorly absorbed form) was the only form not derived from animal products, and therefore suitable for vegans and strict vegetarians. D-3 was generally available only as an extract from Sheep's wool lanolin. Therefore, vegans and strict vegetarians were only able to consume the moor poorly absorbed D-2 without compromising their dietary ethics.

In light of these facts, The Food Movement is proud to announce the brand new release of their Vegan D-3 product, made with Vitashine (TM) cholecalciferol. Vegan D-3 is derived from a unique species of lichen, a member of the plant kingdom.

Two forms of the product, a 5000 IU vegetarian capsule, and a 1000 IU liquid spray, are being made available to the specialty health food store retail market in the United States.                                                           

Item #3339


5000 IU 60 vegan softgel

Suggested retail price $24.99

UPC 8-48181-03339-0

Item #3311


1000 IU 125 spray liquid

Suggested retail price $19.99

UPC 8-48181-03311-6

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